The Vital Warrior Album

Released 2019 | 8 songs, 31 min 22 sec


8 Tracks: 31 mins
Ong Namo
Aad Guray Nameh
Mul Mantra
Gobinday Mukunday
Hummee Hum
Aad Such Jugaad Such
Guru Ram Das
Long Time Sun

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A reminder that 100% of all proceeds go to supporting the Vital Warrior mission. Vital Warrior music was created to increase performance and creative flow. Thank you to all the donors of time and money for making this possible. If on a mobile device go directly to Apple iTunes Store app and search for Vital Warrior. Please spread the word.

Mikal Vega is Executive Producer on the album, as well as a vocalist and composer
Producer, Composer, Musician, and Vocalist Jesus Garcia
Producer, Latin Grammy winner and Sound Engineer Rubén Salas