BJJ Fanatics Collab with Vital Warrior

Happy Veterans Day! Today we are collaborating with BJJ Fanatics in a combined effort to spread awareness of our work and garner support for our mission.

BJJ.fanatics is leading this charge by donating its instructor’s proceeds to Vital Warrior for the entire month of November. Vital Warrior is a registered 501(c)3 and a system of mental disciplines within the warrior ethos founded by former Navy SEAL Mikal Vega.

Techniques include a unique lineage of Kundalini yoga and meditations held by thousands of years of warrior tradition, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Acupuncture, Cold Therapy, and various fine Art forms.

For a decade, we have offered sponsored online and live classes at studios across the globe via a partnership with the RAMA Institute changing lives together by servicing over 500 service member accounts.

We are constantly working to expand our program to reach more communities, and your donations go directly toward supporting the communities we serve.

Check out The Art Of Kundalini By Gian Randev for a series of meditative and breath-work techniques specifically geared towards Jiu-Jitsu led by Vital Warrior advocate ( Find him on Instagram @gianrandev).

Make A Donation Today!

If you know any service members that might be interested in signing up for our program, please direct them to www.vitalwarrior.Org or have them reach out directly to info @ to get started.