As a fellow Navy veteran and yoga teacher I always look forward to meeting other veterans, especially those who practice yoga. I was fortunate enough to be contacted by Mikal about his nonprofit Vital Warrior and his meditation album. I received his message when I was traveling. As I flew between airports I started to listen to the album. I instantly knew I was hearing something powerful. After listening to the entire album, I slept more soundly than I have in a long time. The next day I still felt the effects and couldn’t wait to hear it again. I used it to meditate, do yoga and even a cardio workout.

When I wasn’t listening to it, I was humming and singing its melodies throughout the day. The music sounds like a Celtic/Sanskrit mix of Warrior chants and mantras. Mikal has a beautiful voice that takes you somewhere else, builds you up, empowers you and makes you feel Warrior strong again. I have in just a few short days saw benefits to my sleep patterns, energy levels, mental clarity and mood. As a teacher of yoga, a combat veteran and a background in psychology and public health I can state with conviction that he has created something that has real health benefits. I plan on using his album when I teach my veteran yoga classes and share and promote where ever I can. Having had the honor to work with the Seals in my military career, I know that they and their families have suffered immensely in the ongoing wars.

They are great men of honor, courage, and commitment to their country. My philosophy is when you heal a veteran you heal a family. Thank you, Mikal for reaching out to me. You have changed one more person’s life in what I am sure is a long list of people. Ooh Rah, Om Shanti

— Heather Clark, United States Navy Veteran

It would be an honor to write you a testimonial! Please feel free to share the message with your team you don’t have to worry about removing the identity either. Honestly it’s a mere fraction as to the way I feel and how I can express it. It’s very hard to get emotions portrayed in the correct way via email, trust me whatever you read I feel 100 times more. Honestly for me a few months ago the only way out I could see was to end it all! I can’t express enough just how bad I was, I couldn’t do anything, I couldn’t converse with my partner, friends, family, I couldn’t leave the house, everything was a discomfort, heart racing all the time, anxiety that bad I couldn’t process what I was saying or doing… I had chest pain, sweats, I would go numb all over, I’d have racing thoughts, I honestly thought that I had a medical condition and when everything came back clear I figured I’m an absolute Bain on everyone around me, anger, temper feeling lost and alone! Sending you a message was my last option and a real desperate stretch and reach towards a chance! I’m 100 percent sure that if you had not responded then I would not be here there is no doubt in my mind! When you said “it will get better trust me” they were the words I had been longing to hear, however I needed it from someone who actually knew! Everything you said on your YouTube video was exactly how I was feeling, grey, couldn’t shower everything felt hideous I actually did cry when I saw it I had my fiancé lay next to me in bed and showed her and she said that’s exactly you, you should find out how this man got through, you said coming off all the meds made things better it was my last hope! I figured if I was on the meds and feeling that bad then I would be so much worse without! You sir changed my mind and got me off my meds and gave me my life back, I would take lorazepam to sleep every night I don’t take that now and I sleep fine, I cut all caffeine and started a diet that was recommended from you, I would take beta blockers to slow my heart and stop anxiety, I’m off that now and I don’t feel lethargic like they made me feel so I can go outside and absorb sunlight like you said, I took mirtazapine for depression I’m off that now and I can function without racing thoughts and shakes. I was on zopiclone for sleep also and the following day I would feel anxious, upset stomach, angry and low! I don’t have any of that now! I’m 26 I joined the military when I just turned 17, I got discharged with ptsd and then I really felt alone! I have a life ahead of me now and it’s definitely one I owe to you! You have lifted a mass weight I had over me! Your 100 percent right everything we need is here and it’s not in the form of a tablet, they nearly pushed me to death! I told Claudia this morning that you emailed me she said to tell you that it’s not only me who’s life is not the same but her life is a lot different because of you, no more arguing, no going out with me panicking I was going to be unwell, she can talk to me, we do things together! I sleep so she can sleep, I’m not short with her now as I have time for everything! She is a nurse and it really took its toll on her me being unwell, she too looked grey, lost weight and Looked very weak and poorly, She saw me at my worst like really low and now because of you she sees me becoming my best! It probably seems like I’m droning on and I’m sorry for that I just feel that you deserve to know the impact you have had on my life and my family. People should know what you are doing, and they should know that there is help and another way other than ending it all! It makes me feel really bad now when I think how certain of a good thing for everyone it would be to kill myself, I would not be here had it not been for your time, knowledge and kindness! I’m sure your helping lots of different people and help lots of people! Just know that you saved my life, my life is one that is owed to you. I don’t know what else to say. I wish that I have the opportunity to maybe help someone a fraction as to how you have helped me! I can’t even tell you how much of a different person I am because of you!

Thank you so very much. And Claudia thanks you with all her heart !

Please feel free to show anyone the messages or emails I have sent you it’s the least that can be done for the way you helped me!

You sir are one man who should sleep sound at night with the knowledge you have changed and saved people’s lives.

— Sincerely, Drew McDonnell

I have been first-hand witness to the effectiveness and efficacy of Mikal Vega’s Vital Warrior system.

I can also testify that it is through his own endeavor to find a way to heal himself from the physical and spiritual trauma he received in the battle field that he brought together “tried and true” healing modalities and philosophies and through his own efforts linked them to create a unique way to bring holistic balance to those who have sacrificed so much for their nation.
I recommend the Vital Warrior system to any one who is in search of piece of mind from disease.

— Joshua AmaroOn Witnessing Mikal’s own progress

I served honorably for 8 years as a Counterintelligence Officer in the United States Marine Corps. I am a decorated Combat Veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan. After my honorable discharge I joined a National Level Agency and conducted Clandestine Counterintelligence activities in CONUS and OCONUS environments. Over the years my health, especially sleep/chronic pain (due to injuries sustained on active duty) became a terrible and MAJOR inconvenience/burden in my life. Reaching out to Vital Warrior, specifically Mikal Vega, I was provided a specific care plan using proven natural based vitamin’s and supplements.

Previously I had used the VA services and was prescribed an unsuccessful parade of pharmaceutical grade medications for pain and sleeping issues. These prescriptions only exacerbated my issues and led to chronic depression which worsened my symptoms of PTSD/Insomnia/Chronic Pain and my TBI. This also sadly led to increased use of alcohol to self medicate. Problems at work and home led to my wife leaving and tension with work and family relationships.

Without question Mikal’s guidance was life changing guidance. I followed it flawlessly, within a short period of time my sleep patterns improved, leading to uninterrupted rest (to include REM/restorative sleep), my attitude improved, which led to complete alcohol cessation, increased physical stamina that enabled me to resume my work-outs to pre-injury levels (endurance/strength and conditioning). My former strained relationships with my family and work also drastically improved and now I (for the first time literally in years) enjoy life again, clear headed, and strong.

— I owe this all to Mikal and Vital Warrior, it has proved vital to this Warrior. Semper Fi.
Erik G.Fellow Veteran Using the Vital Warrior Modalities