About Vital Warrior

  • About Vital Warrior is a non profit organization and a system of non-pharmaceutical rebalancing designed by retired Navy SEAL Mikal A. Vega to alleviate the detrimental effects of acute stress in its clients.

The Need

Ptss-theNeedSince 9/11, more than 2.4 million U.S. troops have been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, of veterans 30% of our soldiers return home with post-traumatic stress due to combat related stress and more thank 320,000 suffer from traumatic brain injury (TBI), while thousands more are misdiagnosed or are not diagnosed at all. The damage to our soldiers and their families cannot be easily calculated. What we do know is that an urgent national priority must be (made) to heal the wounds that are not so easily seen or recognizable that will give our Veterans a new lease on life. Education, training and on-going therapeutic support are vital components in the healing process. It is not easy. It is not inexpensive. It is possible.



The Mission

Treatment CentersCutting ribbon

Our mission is to reach as many individuals suffering from acute stress as fast as we can!  A part of this goal is starting with our first facility in Southern California featuring all of Mikal’s modalities for treatment. With plans to open more facilities nation and world wide.

As we grow The mission of Vital Warrior is to develop decompression centers within close proximity to a military base yet the center will be accessible to all. Each fully developed Vital Warrior Center will provide alternative therapies that address trauma on a brain-body basis. The philosophy is to provide clients with non-pharmaceutical solutions to healing, including hands-on-therapy, knowledge and skills to regaining a re-connection from within through hormonal re-balancing. Veterans especially, suffer from PTS and TBI and often disassociate from their families, friends and even themselves. What they need is a personalized approach to their healing. Vital Warrior’s vision and mission is to help clients reconnect to their lives, their families and their communities.



Vital Warrior Mobile Unit

sunshineIn addition to our first facility Mikal wants to take it on the road with the Vital Warrior Mobile Unit stacked with modalities that over a nationwide campaign visit communities where individuals may not be able to access these types of treatment.  After a multiple state tour the Vital Warrior Modality along with Mikal’s message will help generate awareness, support and most of all help to those around the country that need it!






Meet Mikal


Mikal Vega

Founder and CEO, Mikal Vega, is a Navy SEAL(Ret) and a 22-year combat veteran. He has personally walked the tough road from trauma to recovery after suffering a combat-related injury from an exploded IED that went untreated for many years. Mikal only realized the extent of his injuries year later when he struggled in his daily life and in his personal relationships as a result of both physical injury and a disconnection from purpose. Through a series of healing modalities that became the basis of his recovery, Mikal realized he could help his fellow veterans and their families with this unique system of recovery.

Human Rights Award Winner 2014

On February 1, 2014, Mikal Vega was among four recipients of the 2014 CCHR Human Rights Award. Mikal was recognized by the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, based out of Los Angeles, CA, for his work in offering non-pharmaceutical alternative healing methods. Mikal is proud to have been recognized for his efforts to help his fellow Veterans through Vital Warrior’s modalities.




Acting & Film Career

IMG_0887Through Mikal’s discovery and self learning he has been able to overcome PTSS -Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) to enhance his life, his goals and his dreams.  Mikal currently pursues his life long dream to act and since his retirement and treatment has been in many blockbuster titles such as Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon, G.I. Joe Retaliation where Mikal plays an Arch Angel in this new and improved sequel.


This Summer look for him starring in the new web series called BLACK.   Here is the first official teaser for the new high action web series BLACK, created by writer/director Frank T. Ziede. Scheduled to launch Summer of 2013.  Check out more about his film career at IMDB!



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